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Temporary Licensing of International Applicants

Effective March 15th 2023 international applicants who have been granted access to the national entry to practice exam are now eligible for temporary conditional licensing with the NSCMIRTP.

This would include any international applicant that has undergone education, currency and credential assessment and has been found to have substantive similarity to the Canadian competency profile, national standards and has registered to write the next sitting of the national entry to practice exam(s)

This would be a conditional license. An individual licensed under this provision will require direct supervision of practice at all times by a licensed MIRTP of the same discipline who is in good standing with the College and protected titles cannot be used. Direct supervision is defined as the supervising technologist/therapist must always be in the room with the candidate and all decisions or procedures/tasks performed must be done through direct supervision. It is the intent by approving temporary licensing of international applicants that it will allow them the opportunity to gain Canadian experience and support them in preparing to write the national entry to practice exam(s).

The temporary license will stay in effective until results of the national exam(s) are released. If successful the license will be updated to a full active license without conditions. If unsuccessful the license will expire unless approval for an extension is granted by the credentials committee.

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Date Posted: March 28, 2023