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Practice in the areas of medical imaging and radiation therapy is constantly changing, along with the responsibilities and accountabilities of the professionals that deliver this care to the public. As regulated health professionals, registrants are expected and required to remain current and competent in practice. They must stay current with both the technical and clinical advances in their field, including the changes that impact the larger healthcare environment. The Nova Scotia College of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Professional’s (NSCMIRTP) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program is one means of assuring the public that registrants are meeting the standard of practice requirements for their profession, and that continuing competence and improvement is promoted.

NSCMIRTP’s CPD program will require each registrant to complete 30 CPD credits every two years. The reporting period will be November 1st to October 31st two years following (i.e. November 1st, 2000 to October 31st, 2002). Individuals who are registrants for only a portion of the 2-year reporting cycle will have the CPD requirement pro-rated based on the number of months they were a registrant during the reporting cycle.

Registrants will be asked to sign a declaration that they are compliant with the CPD program each year during the renewal process. Credits cannot be carried forward to the next reporting cycle. Only activities completed while a registrant of NSCMIRTP can be used towards fulfilling CPD requirements.

If a registrant requires CPD credits for another professional body, such as Sonography Canada, the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board, or the Canadian Association of Radiologists, the credits used to satisfy those requirements can also be counted towards the NSCMIRTP CPD program, so long as the activities can link to your practice.

The intent is to have a CPD program that is broad in scope, allowing registrants to select activities that are accessible and meaningful to their practice. This is a living document and the list of activities is not exhaustive. Contact the Credentials Committee Chair to have an activity that is not listed assessed. Please keep in mind this could take several weeks to complete.

Please see the full CPD Program. Pease note that activities listed in this document are not exhaustive. For most complete list of activities please login into the registrant platform and select "CPD Application"

Please see the list of FAQs regarding the NSCMIRTP CPD Program

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