Maintaining or Regaining Your Registration

You must be registered with NSCMIRTP to be legally authorized to practice in medical radiation and imaging technology in Nova Scotia. Registration is an important regulatory tool to ensure the protection of the public by allowing only those individuals who have met the registration requirements, including an approved educational program and certification examination, to be registered and legally authorized to practise.

The NSCMIRTP issues licenses in five disciplines.

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Nuclear Medicine

  • Radiation Therapy

  • Radiological Technology

Registrants can only practice in areas that they have the necessary education and experience.

To maintain registration individuals must be compliant with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program and are subject to an audit every two years. Details of the CPD program and audit process is outlined in the CPD program.

It is also a condition of registration that you provide the College with details of any of the following that relates to you and that occurs or arises after your registration:

  • A finding of guilt for any offence, including any criminal offence and any offence related to the regulation of the practice of the profession. Offences relate to findings of guilt made by a courtthat are typically punishable by a fine or jail term

  • A finding of professional misconduct, incompetency, or incapacity, in Nova Scotia in relation to another health profession or in another jurisdiction in relation to the profession or another healthprofession

  • An investigation or a proceeding involving an allegation of professional misconduct, incompetency, or incapacity, in Nova Scotia in relation to another profession or in another jurisdiction inrelation to the profession or another health profession.

  • Been terminated, or forced to resign from employment as a health professional for incompetence, unprofessional behavior, incapacity or lack of fitness to practice, or any similar reason, whether in Nova Scotia or in any other jurisdiction within Canada or outside Canada that you have not previously disclosed to the NSCMIRTP.

In addition, registrants must maintain professional liability insurance and meet currency requirements in accordance with College By-laws and policy.

Re-entry to practice

If you have been previously registered with NSCMIRTP and wish to reinstate your registration, and it has been over five years since you last practised that discipline in any jurisdiction, you will be required to complete a refresher program before you are eligible for reinstatement. Please contact the NSCMIRTP to discuss your individual situation and eligibility for the refresher program.