File a Complaint

All complaints or discipline issues regarding a registrant of NSCMIRTP are to be directed initially to the Registrar. Individuals are requested to contact the Registrar at (902) 832-3167 or fill out and submit the short form below.

Complaints or discipline issues are required to be written and not anonymous. Upon receipt of the written complaint, the Registrar shall review the information and, if deemed appropriate, shall direct the information to the Investigation Committee. If you are unable to submit a complaint in writing the College will support the submission of a complaint in verbal or other form and transcribe it to written form. If you have questions or need assistance in filing a complaint please reach out to the registrar at 902-832-3167. Find out more about each step here.

Responding to complaints about the professional conduct of a licensed medical imaging or radiation therapy professional is one way the NSCMIRTP meets its mandate of protecting the public. Learn about recent disciplinary hearings and findings here.

What is a Complaint?

A complaint refers to any report or allegation by a person regarding the conduct, actions, competence, character, fitness, health, or ability of a registrant of NSCMIRTP, former registrant of NSCMIRTP, professional corporation or the employees of the NSCMIRTP.

Wish to file a complaint?