Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics

Standards of Practice (SOP)

NSCMIRTP’s SOP address Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Professionals (MIRTPs) who work in direct patient care roles, and those who do not provide direct patient care (including those who practice through research, education provision, consultation, management, administration, equipment sales, quality control, information technology development, regulation and policy development, and/or relevant system development pertaining to the foregoing disciplines).

As the regulators for MIRTPs in Nova Scotia, the College plays an important role in setting SOP to govern the practice of MIRTPs and to communicate to the public and employers our professional expectations and requirements.

The general purpose for the Standards of Practice documents is to guide and direct the behaviour of practitioners, who must ensure the public interest is met through the provision of safe and ethical care to patients and clients. Standards accomplish this by setting out minimum measurable expectations for practitioners across all specialties, focus areas, and practice settings. These expectations are stated, and their related behaviours are described in the SOP document, which can also be used to determine if the standards are being achieved.

Code of Ethics

The primary purpose of this Code of Ethics is to guide MIRTPs in identifying and managing ethical dilemmas that arise in practice. It does so by providing a framework that clearly articulates the principles on which professional values are based.

MIRTPs should refer to the Code of Ethics to evaluate their own professional conduct as it relates to patients, health care consumers, employers, colleagues, and other members of the health care team.

The Code will be used by NSCMIRTP Committees when called upon to make rulings about ethical issues in cases of alleged professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity.