Protected Titles and Abbreviations

Only registrants of the NSCMIRTP can use the following protected titles in Nova Scotia or any derivation or abbreviation thereof

  • Registered Medical Imaging Professional

  • Medical Imaging Professional

  • Registered Medical Imaging Technologist

  • Medical Imaging Technologist

  • Registered Medical Radiation Technologist

  • Medical Radiation Technologist -MRT

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer -DMS

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Technologist

  • Registered Diagnostic Ultrasound Professional

  • Registered Ultrasound Technologist

  • Registered Sonographer

  • Sonographer

  • Magnetic Resonance Technologist -MRI technologist

  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist -NM technologist

  • Radiation Therapist

  • Radiological Technologist

  • X-ray Technologist

Graduate technologists shall use the term "graduate" with the appropriate protected title/s