Protected Titles and Abbreviations

Only registrants of the NSCMIRTP can use the following protected titles in Nova Scotia or any derivation or abbreviation thereof. This is to ensure that only those licensed to practice as a medical radiation technologist or diagnostic medical sonographer can legally put themselves out to the public as being a licensed professional. When signing documents or providing title after your name you should sign with MRT or DMS with your area of practice in brackets. For example DMS(V) or MRT(T).

  • Registered Medical Imaging Professional

  • Medical Imaging Professional

  • Registered Medical Imaging Technologist

  • Medical Imaging Technologist

  • Registered Medical Radiation Technologist

  • Medical Radiation Technologist -MRT

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer -DMS

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Technologist

  • Registered Diagnostic Ultrasound Professional

  • Registered Ultrasound Technologist

  • Registered Sonographer

  • Sonographer

  • Magnetic Resonance Technologist -MRI technologist

  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist -NM technologist

  • Radiation Therapist

  • Radiological Technologist

  • X-ray Technologist

Graduate technologists shall use the term "graduate" with the appropriate protected title/s.