Volunteering with NSCMIRTP

NSCMIRTP has multiple opportunities for MITRPs to volunteer and gain additional knowledge and skills while contributing to shaping their profession. This page will list any current committee vacancies or other areas volunteers are needed. Please contact us at info@nscmirtp.ca if you wish to volunteer in any of the listed areas of need or if there is any other capacity that you wish to volunteer with the NSCMIRTP. When responding with and an interest to volunteer please fill out the attached skills matrix.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Nominations Committee is looking for new members. The Nominations Committee is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the elections process including identifying and recruiting qualified candidates to stand for election on NSCMIRTP Board. The committee meets a minimum of three times per year. If you are interested in becoming Chair of the committee please email info@nscmirtp.ca

  2. Legislative working group. The provincial government is seeking to modernize health regulation in the province. The NSCMIRTP will be coming under a new act and regulations in 2025. This will required the drafting of new college Bylaws and a review of all base documents and processes to ensure they align with the new legislation. We are seeking MIRTPs that are interested in helping develop the processes and policy for the College. This is expected to be a 1-2 year commitment.

  3. Advance Practice working group- The NSCMIRTP is currently in the process of working with government to add a regulation for advance practice. The College is seeking to strike an advance practice working group to develop a base framework for advance practice related to all MIRTPs. In addition as specific requests come in related to advance practice, working groups will need to be stuck to to develop the criteria that would allow for specific areas of advance practice.

  4. Committee Volunteer- In transitioning to the Regulated Health Professions act all committees will be reviewing their make-up and terms of reference. It will be expected that over the next year all committees will need some new members to meet new legislative requirements. Current college committees include investigation, credentials, nominations, policy, and finance.

    College volunteer work can also be used for CPD credit. Please reach out to info@nscmirtp.ca if you are interested in any of the available volunteer opportunities.