Annual Reports

Every day we work to regulate MIRTPs in the best interest of the public. A summary of this work is captured every year in our Annual Report. This report is in part how we demonstrate our accountability and transparency to the public, while celebrating our accomplishments.

In this section, you will find digital versions of current and past financial and annual reports. Please note, reports dated 2019-2020 are from the previous Association, NSAMRT, only. Reports from 2020-2021 and beyond represent the NSCMIRTP.

The NSCMIRTP understands and values personal communication between the College, its registrants and the public and we continue to use digital media resources to improve efficiency. We are always available to answer your questions over the phone or via email and look forward to conversations at events. If you would like a hard copy of any NSCMIRTP publication please contact us at