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Call For Nominations

Call for Nominations
It is that time of year and the NSCMIRTP Board has begun its search for qualified registrants to sit on the Board and regulate MIRTP practice in the public’s interest. Between Oct 10th 2022 and Nov 4th, 2022, registrants will have the opportunity to apply for vacant Board positions and demonstrate how they meet the desired competencies, skills and/or attributes identified by the Nominating Committee. 

To apply, review linked document to access the application form and to learn about the positions available, the desired competencies, skills and/or attributes and more. Applications will close on Nov 4th 2022 at midnight

If you have any questions, please reach out to Julie Avery Executive Director, at  

Meet the Nominating Committee 

The NSCMIRTP Board, in accordance with the NSCMIRTP By-Laws, established the Nominating Committee to help facilitate the nomination and election of registrants to the Board. Once applications close on Nov 4th 2022, the Nominating Committee will advance for nomination the candidates who best meets the desired competencies, skills and/or attributes identified by the committee. The Nominating Committee will hold an election if additional candidates wish to be considered.  

The committee includes one public representative and a minimum of two registrants. In 2022, members of the Nominating Committee include Ann Mann, Amy Munroe, Edmond Kodua and Jonathan Murphy.