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Call For Board Applications

Call for Applications for Board

Over the next three years we will be setting the processes and policies for the NSCMIRTP under a new Act. This is an opportunity for interested registrants to help shape the practice of their profession.

The NSCMIRTP Board has begun its search for qualified registrants to sit on the Board and regulate the practice of medical imaging and therapy in the public’s interest. A call for nominations for two open seats was done from Oct 26th – Nov 10th 2023. No nominations were identified in this period. The Board has now moved to an appointment process. This means no elections will be held. Those interested in serving on the board are asked to apply by reviewing and filling out the linked document. 

The College supports its volunteers in gaining the skills they need to perform as board members and will financially support costs for related professional development.

Applications will close on Dec 8th 2023 at midnight

If you have any questions, please reach out to Julie Avery Executive Director, at  

Meet the Nominating Committee 

The NSCMIRTP Board, in accordance with the NSCMIRTP By-Laws, established the Nominating Committee to help facilitate the nomination and election of registrants to the Board. Once applications close on Dec 8th, the Nominating Committee will recommend to the current Board the candidates who best meets the desired competencies, skills and/or attributes identified by the committee.

The committee includes one public representative and a minimum of two registrants.