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COVID-19 Information for the Public, MIRTPs and Others

As Nova Scotia’s MIRTP regulator, our mandate is to protect the public by supporting MIRTPs to provide safe, competent, ethical and compassionate care. We recognize the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and we are taking steps to maintain the health and safety of our staff, guests and the public. 

The NSCMIRTP's aligns office restrictions with the Nova Scotia Public Health COVID-19 restrictions. Staff are currently working a hybrid model of 50% office and 50% virtually and are available by email and phone. To meet in person please arrange an appointment in advance. Stakeholders should not experience any disruption in service. Please email or call 902-832-3167 to contact a member of staff.

Immunizations have a significant and positive impact on the health of our population. Widespread vaccination shortens the duration of disease outbreaks, maintains public safety, reduces the burden on the health care system and keeps health care providers safe to care for clients in need. The NSCMIRTP recommends that MIRTPs be vaccinated against COVID-19 and encourages MIRTPs to use current science-based sources and their knowledge, and ethical frameworks as the foundation for their decision. NSCMIRTP also recommends that any decision to require MIRTPs to be vaccinated should be made by MIRTPs and employers in consideration of the practice context.

Scroll down this page for information and tools to support you during the pandemic:

As part of our collaborative efforts, we have been sharing information from our provincial and federal government partners related to the COVID-19 vaccine and other pandemic information. However, please be aware that NSCMIRTP is not responsible for matters related to vaccine certification, education, hiring/employment, or non-regulatory communications. If you have any questions about the COVID vaccine program, please reach out to the Department of Health & Wellness at If you have any questions about licensing, professional practice, or any other area of our mandate, please let us know.

We continue to operate within our mandate to issue licenses to qualified MIRTPs in Nova Scotia, set the practice standards, support MIRTPs to uphold the standards, approve MIRTP education programs, enhance the continuing competence of MIRTPs, and address complaints received about MIRTP practice.  

For the most current information on the virus, visit:

Vaccine Contraindications

  • The Department of Health and Wellness of the Nova Scotia Government is the lead on informing the public. Please visit their website for all health-related questions.

Date Posted: September 16, 2021