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Dues Announcement

Dues Policy Update

The Board of the NSCMIRTP have voted to update three items that impact College Dues.

Item #1 Prorations of Dues

Annual Dues will remain at $450 for 2022 however effective Jan 1st 2022 dues will no longer be prorated on a monthly bases. There will be only one point of proration during the year. This will occur on May 1st each year and dues will fall to $225. This means individuals registering from Jan -April will pay $450 and those paying May-Dec will pay $225 for licensing. Proration of dues is being aligned with the principle program completion date of Dal SHS students.

Item #2 Dues Refunds

Effective Jan 1st 2022 the NSCMIRTP will no longer offer refunds of dues to individuals resigning their license during the licensing year. This is in keeping with common practice and policy of health regulators in Nova Scotia and MIRT regulators across the county.

Item #3 NS New Graduate Credit

The new May 1st proration of dues incorporates a small discount in fees that will benefit all new graduates. In conjunction with this alignment the $50 discount to new NS Graduates will cease effective Jan 1st 2022.

Date Posted: May 27, 2021