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Renewals and CPD

Licence Deadline is Soon

To be eligible to practice as a MRT or DMS on Jan1, 2023, you must renew your licence before the renewal period ends on Dec 31, 2022. Renewals submitted after Dec 15th 2022 are not guaranteed to be processed prior to Dec 31st. To avoid an unexpected delay, we strongly encourage you to renew your licence as soon as possible. 

For those who have submitted an application but have not yet had it approved please allow for two weeks. If approval has not been granted by that time please reach out to Adminintrative staff work two days a week and are handling demands related to renewals and audits. They are currently working through 350 open applications.

For those that have been selected for audit your renewal cannot be approved until your audit is completed and approved or a CPD extension has been granted. For more information on the CPD program please visit our webistse at

Resigning- For those that do not plan to work as a MRT or DMS in 2023 we ask that you submit a resignation. This can be done by logging into the registration platform and selecting resignation from the left hand menu of items. Please note when submitting resignation date it is not the date you resigned from your MRT/DMS position but the date you are resigning from the College. This should not be backed dated but can be forward dated.