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Welcome New Deputy Registrar to NSCMIRTP

The NSCMIRTP would like to welcome Simeon Atunbi as the new deputy registrar of the NSCMIRTP. Simeon will be working 20hrs per week beginning July 31st 2023.

Simeon is a legal and administrative professional. Previously, employed in the legal unit of an academic and research institution in Nova Scotia, where he assessed and managed risk by analyzing, reviewing, and negotiating contracts to engender beneficial collaborations.

Simeon earned a Master’s degree in law in 2014. Before relocating to Canada, he worked in a law firm, where he delivered workable solutions to manage and advance not-for-profit corporations and key regulatory bodies.

He is keen on providing innovative solutions to not-for-profits, especially in the health sector by simplifying complex issues and ensuring public interest is protected.

Professional Community and Social Affiliations

Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society
Nigerian Bar Association
Insurance Institute of Canada
Nigerian Institute of Management
Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council
Canadian Association of Black Lawyers, Nova Scotia
Global Lawyers of Canada, Alberta

 Areas of Experience

Corporate and Administrative Law
Administration and Management
Due diligence and compliance



Date Posted: August 1, 2023